Traveling Trunks

Traveling Through History Trunk Program

Travel through history without ever leaving the classroom!  We bring history to you with traveling trunks that invite students to explore history through hands-on creative learning and engaging presentations at an affordable cost.  Most programs are 90 minutes in length and can accommodate up to 125 students depending on space availability.  Programs may also be booked for individual classrooms.  $3.00 per student plus mileage fees if necessary.

Combine a traveling trunk with an on-site field trip and we will waive any mileage fees for the trunk.  This is a great way to cover curriculum and have two education experiences for the price of one field trip at other sites.  We have many schools that do a traveling trunk early in the school year and follow up with an on-site field trip.  The most popular choice is a combination of Mystery of the Moundbuilders and World of the Plantation…two great ways to explore different periods in Tennessee history!

Mystery of the Moundbuilders – Traveling Through History Trunk

Next stop on our travels…ancient America to explore one of America’s biggest mysteries…the Moundbuilders!  1,000 years ago these pre-historic Native Americans built a village on the land that is now occupied by Travellers Rest.  The Mississippians built complex cities and large earthen mounds, with agriculture and far flung trading routes.  One day their civilization disappeared and even today no one knows exactly what happened. Learn about this ancient mysterious culture with our traveling trunk that includes a multimedia presentation, hands-on activities and food tasting.

  • Story Telling & Multimedia Presentation      
  • Food Tasting & Artifact Sharing
  • Gorget Making

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Touched with Fire – Traveling Through Civil War History Trunk

In a speech many years after the end of the American Civil War, famed judge Oliver Wendell Holmes said that his generation, the men and women who had endured war, had been “touched with fire” and forever changed by the experience.  The Touched with Fire traveling trunk will bring the soldier’s experience to your classroom with reproduction artifacts and interactive learning.  A Travellers Rest educator will conduct a presentation and lead students in an interactive learning experience.  

  • Touched with Fire Presentation          
  • Interactive Learning Activity
  • Hands-on History Trunk

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Antique Amusements

Teachers, would you like to incorporate history, math, science and fun all in one program?  If so, Antique Amusements is the traveling trunk for you and your students!  With this program a Travellers Rest educator will present the history of toys from the late 18th through the middle of the 19th century and then let the students try the toys out for themselves.  Many historical “amusements” actually began as science experiments, and math was often worked into common children’s games.  Along with learning about and participating in these “antique amusements”, students will make a toy of their own.  The program doesn’t end there!  We will leave teachers with a game to play in the classroom and a curriculum guide with post-visit activities. 

  • Antique Amusements presentation
  • Classroom Game
  • Make an “antique amusement”

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