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A Lifetime of Learning – Workshops for All Ages

John Overton, like many early Americans, placed great importance on the value of education.  Cities like Nashville were a magnet for schools of all sorts…dancing, needlework, painting, manners, politics and business to name a few.  We invite learners of all ages to join us for a 19th century education at Historic Travellers Rest!

With Love from Aunt Jane

While the famous novelist Jane Austen never set foot in America, let alone Tennessee, her work would eventually reach women all over the world creating the first “Janeites” in the late 19th century.  We invite modern-day Janeites to join us in re-creating a needlebook made by Jane Austen and presented to her niece as a Christmas present.  This lovely needlebook with the inscription, “With Love from Aunt Jane” is on display at Chawton Cottage in England.  With paper, felt and some creative inspiration, we will endeavor to make needlebooks that would have made Jane proud. This activity is perfect for ages 7 and up. Grandparents, parents, aunts, nieces and learners of all ages are welcome!  Special pricing for aunts and nieces will be available for this program.

*Pricing, date and time TBA

Please connect with our Education Director, Tonya Staggs, at or 615-832-8197 ext. 15 for immediate needs.

 A 19th Century Herbal

An “herbal” is a book that presents information about herbs from growing advice to instructions on their proper uses.  Herbals were some of the first literature produced in ancient Egypt and were an essential to most households in America prior to the 20th century.  In this workshop, we will explore the historic herb garden at Travellers Rest and learn about the time honored uses of common 19th century herbs and what we might learn from these plants today.  Our exploration will include sampling some herbal tea, learning techniques for drying herbs, growing tips and sharing seeds.  We will finish up by making “sweet bags” (herbal sachets) for freshening up your linen closet. This workshop is suitable for ages 7 and up.

July 30th, 2016 – 10:30am

$12 for adults $6 for kids (7-15)

Please connect with our Education Director, Tonya Staggs, at or 615-832-8197 ext. 15 for immediate needs.

Keep an eye out for more workshops from Travellers Rest…currently in the works: basket making, corn husk wreaths, 19th century dancing and much, much more!